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Eating Natural Sugars

Fruit contains NATURAL sugar. Our bodies need glucose, however a lot of people who have diabetes think they can’t eat fruits, the truth is you can eat fruits as part of your 5 a day, as they provide a whole host of essential vitamins and minerals which are very beneficial to maintaining a healthy body, just be careful of the amount you consume, remember everything in moderation.

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Beware of Diabetic Food Labels

“Beware of food labels on diabetic foods’ May 2018

Diabetic food labels can be misleading, if you’re diabetic you will probably seek out these labels believing  that they signify that food is a healthy option, but be aware these foods can be high in sugars and saturated fat such as biscuits and sweets. If they are high in sugars then they are very likely to affect your blood glucose levels and can cause diarrhoea.

Being aware of what is in the foods we eat is key to eating a healthy balanced diet. Diabetes UK is very much aware of this misleading labelling issue and calling for manufactures to cease using it, as it indicated the foods are healthy for diabetics to eat.

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