Meet The Board

SugarFIT Health Hubs provide you with the opportunity to access professional advice & guidance
 on specific nutritional health & well-being issues from a team of professional experts

Lynda Harkus

(B.Ed (Hons) dip NT – Founder and Managing Director

Lynda is the founder of SugarFIT CIC, passionate about helping people become the best and healthiest version of themselves. Her background is in the Commercial, Educational and Health sectors. Lynda studied Nutritional Science and the psychology of eating. She’s a qualified Nutritionist, Holistic Therapist and Positive Living coach.

She is a nutritional consultant, who has studied nutritional science and the psychology of eating. She specialises in Food Allergies & Intolerances.  For the past 5 years, Lynda has been working in the Nutrition and Personal Development markets, facilitating life changing transformations amongst young women and children.

Lynda has developed most of the SugarFIT Nutritional Health Workshops and Programmes  and delivers them in the Community and the WorkPlace. She’s also responsible for taking the SugarFIT message into local schools. She strongly believes the key to sustaining future health is healthy eating combined with regular daily activity. Lynda loves the Outdoors and connecting with nature, so when not at work combining her two favourite passions, keeping fit in all the elements. Her favourite sporting activities include; swimming, boot camps, hillside walking and more recently running half marathons and local Park Runs.

Noel Barker


Noel is delighted to be asked to join the team as he shares the SugarFIT passion for healthy eating. As a sufferer of certain food allergies and intolerances, Noel can sympathize with members of the Community who are also fellow sufferers that SugarFIT are keen to work with. He personally understands the importance of eating a nutritious well- balanced diet and keeping fit to sustain the best level of health in life. During his childhood he struggled with food choices and suffered as a result, Noel explains ‘ medical advice regarding food intolerances was scare in the 60’s so from an early age I decided to manage my own health and fitness’  His personal food related health issues will prove an invaluable insight to the SugarFIT team.

Noel’s background is in Engineering and Operations management, having over 40 years plus experience in the field, he will be advising SugarFIT at a strategic level, hoping to give SugarFIT a more commercial edge. SugarFIT will benefit from his valuable life experience and business acumen in his role of Director.

Noel’s past sporting activities include: Boxing and Tae-Kwon-Do, cricket, football and golf. Today you are more likely to find him in the Gym or in a Pilates or Yoga class!  

Dr Martin Brady


Martin sits on the board of Directors and oversees the accounts.

As a GP for over 33 years in a North East Practice he has helped advise many patients suffering from sugar related health issues such as Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes.

Recently retired continues to take an active role in the community by helping a local Charity ‘Cancer Connections’. In his spare time he can be found pounding the Treadmill in his local Gym! 

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