SugarFIT Community

SugarFIT Health Hubs provide you with the opportunity to access professional advice & guidance
 on specific nutritional health & well-being issues from a team of professional experts

Building a healthier community

SugarFIT Health Hubs provide access to:

  • Current and well researched nutritional knowledge
  • The latest health hacks
  • Opportunity to chat with a nutritionist - gain professional advice and guidance
  • Discuss nutritional health related issues such as: IBS, bloating issues, lack of energy, sleep deprivation
  • How best to loose weight
  • How to best to beat sugar cravings
  • How best to achieve optimum health on all levels: body, mind and soul, through mindful eating and exercise
  • Access the SugarFIT Clinic – weight checks / BMI / Blood Pressure checks etc
  • Daily/ weekly food plan service
  • Book 1:1 consultations with nutritionist and / or Personal Trainer (chargeable)
  • Sign up for nutritional workshops/ Life Changing health and well-being programmes (chargeable)

Nutritional 1:1 Sessions

Professional confidential consultation with a qualified nutritionist

You can discuss nutritional health related worries/ concerns on popular topics; losing weight, IBS/digestive issues, hypertension, hot flushes, sleep problems, lack of energy, anxiety, depression, mood swings.

SugarFIT Community Health Hub operates 2 hours once a week. Please contact us to find out when your local Health Hub is open.

Initial Consultation

  • 90 minute session

Follow-up Sessions

  • 60 minute session

6 Week Sugar Swap Programme

  • Inc. initial assessment

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