SugarFIT Corporate

Being happy and healthy at work is vital to the successful functioning of any business. 
As a Community Interest Company, we are keen to work with local businesses who place a
focus on the health and well-being of their staff.

Happy, healthy staff

SugarFIT provide business-focused services such as:

  • Pop up Health Hubs during lunch time periods
  • Deliver short nutritional talks (nutritionist/dental, nurse/personal, trainer/life coach)
  • Run on/off site nutritional health and well being workshops

Pop-up Health Hubs

SugarFIT Health Hubs are delivered by professional nutritional coaches and personal trainers. They provide a great opportunity for your staff to access advice and support on health issues such as: healthy weight loss management, increased energy levels, sleeping better at night, reduce hot flushes and night sweats, discover how nutrition can help reduce anxiety and prevent mood swings, beat sugar cravings and so reduce the risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes to discussing ways to increase daily activity levels.

The Health Hub at Work and the workshops can help provide a perfect support service for any business taking an active role in promoting staff health and well being at work as well as helping to reduce short term/ log term sickness levels. 


Our workshops take a holistic, scientific and psychological approach. Fun and activity based, they’re designed to inspire and motivate individuals to become more mindful and take control over their diet. The workshops help staff to look more closely at their daily diet and consider the impact of refined sugars on their overall health and well being, to understand the direct health benefits of eating a well balanced diet and increased activity levels.

 Workshop topics covered include: the impact of eating a well balanced diet, good hydration and daily exercise on work performance, increase energy levels, reduce mood swings, how nutrition can help with anxiety and stress, improve sleep patterns, reduce high blood pressure and the risks of cardiovascular disease.

If you would like more details on our pop-up health hubs or if you would like us to deliver health workshops please contact us direct for further information and prices.

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