With fast food chains and coffee houses on every street corner it’s a struggle to find fresh healthy meals
to eat when you’re hungry and short on time. Unfortunately these foods are high in salts, sugars and saturated fats
which when eaten regularly can lead to extensive weight gains. As a nation over the last two decades our
preference to consume processed fast foods over healthy meals has now resulted in Obesity levels
reaching epidemic levels in the UK.  It is estimated the NHS now spends around £5.1bn a year
on obesity related issues. 

Childhood Obesity

Unfortunately, obesity issues are not just restricted to adults. A recent report found 1:20 children under 12 years old in the UK are now classed as obese.

This figure is largely due to high consumption of sugary drinks and poor diets that lack fresh fruit and vegetables.

It is now known that the highest levels of child obesity are amongst the disadvantaged families living in our community. 

Free dietary support & guidance

If you are a parent on child benefits and want to make healthy lifestyle changes but not sure where to begin? We are keen to help you. 

Call into one of our local Health Hubs and take advantage of our dietary advice service free of charge or join a health workshop and discover how to reduce your daily sugar intake or plan healthy balanced meals on a budget. 

Join the fight against sugar