SugarFIT Workshops and Hubs

Our SugarFIT Drop In Health Hubs are now available in the following areas: 

Houghton, Sunderland, East Boldon and Walker

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Our Hubs provide professional Nutritional and Fitness advice. We also provide a SugarFIT clinic which provides the following services: weigh ins; blood pressure/ glucose and cholesterol checks.

For more information on our Health Hubs please contact us by phone.


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Choose a workshop that suits your needs and discover how to live the best and healthiest life you can. 

Our workshops are approximately 60 mins long and are available to individuals, community groups, local services and businesses. 

SugarFIT Community

60 mins | 6-10 persons per session | from £5.00

This relaxed fun workshop offers members of the community an opportunity to become more Sugar Aware. It’s perfect for families or groups of friends who want to learn more about healthy eating. You get to analyse your daily diet up close with a nutritionist, discuss ways to improve it, learn how to avoid hidden sugars in processed foods and fizzy soft drinks and leave armed with health hacks and tools to help you reduce your daily sugar intake.  

SugarFIT Start

60 mins | 6-10 persons per session | from £7.00

This workshop is a great introduction for those wanting to make changes to their health.

It provides top tips of how to get started, looks at the daily recommended sugar allowance, covers sugar cravings and provides great tools to help beat those cravings. The workshop is a good lead into our 6week SugarFIT:  Healthier Happier You (HHY) programme.

SugarFIT Diabetes

60 mins | 6-10 persons per session | from £7.00

This educational interactive workshop is suitable for all members of the community; those who want to increase their awareness and reduce the risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, and those who are living with Type 2 and looking for ways to put their Type 2 in remission. 

Split into 3 sections workshop covers:
• Recognising starches and sugars, the benefits of eating a healthy balanced diet and portion control
• Increasing personal activity levels
• Working towards Type 2 remission.

SugarFIT Slim

60 mins | 6-10 persons per session | from £7.00

An introductory workshop to our SugarFIT programme: A Healthier Happier You (HHY) This popular workshop gives you the opportunity to analyse your diet and lifestyle and discover why it’s been so difficult to maintain a weight loss in the past. Packed with nutritional advice, health hacks, recipes and tools, you’ll leave ready to take your first steps in achieving your desired ideal weight. NB On completion of this workshop you automatically receive a 15% discount on our SugarFIT HHY weight loss programme (valid for 6 weeks)    

SugarFIT Parents

60 mins | 4-8 persons per session | from £7.00

Excellent workshop for parents of children all ages from new born to toddlers to teenagers, looking for ideas, health hacks and tools to reduce intake of sugar and improve their daily diets.

In a relaxed fun atmosphere parents can chat freely about food related issues, try out new dishes and discover how best to introduce healthy nutrient rich foods into their children’s daily diet.

The workshop also covers how best to help their children beat sugar cravings and cope with sugar withdrawal.  

SugarFIT Dementia (Carers)

6-10 persons per session | from £7.00

A specifically designed workshop that caters for all stages of Dementia, it provides Carers with an opportunity to access nutritional support and advice for meal times.

In this workshop Carers can learn about the health benefits of specific food groups and how best to plan them into daily meals. Carers can discover how best to introduce new foods, textures and flavours at meal times. The workshop covers nutritional recipes /ideas and where possible it can be tailored to provide the opportunity for Carers to enjoy food tasting / prepare quick easy meals they may like to make at home. 

SugarFIT Active

60 mins | 6-10 persons per session | from £11.00

Delivered by Nutritionist/ Personal Trainer This workshop can be tailored to meet any Activity Level of the Community and is a good introduction to making a start to living a healthy lifestyle. The Workshop is split into 2 sections looks at your daily diet calories in offset against activity level and calories burned followed by a discussion on setting personal goals and provides tips and tools on how best to achieve them. At the end of the workshop you will leave feeling empowered and ready to take your first step to living la healthier lifestyle.

NB On completion of this workshop you automatically receive a 15% discount on our SugarFIT  6 week weight loss programme (valid for 6 weeks)

SugarFIT Happy

60 mins | 4-10 persons per session | from £7.00

Looking for that Feel Good Factor?

This workshop offers a warm friendly welcome to members of the community suffering from low moods, anxiety, stress, poor sleep and depression. 

This workshop provides you with the opportunity to really analyse your daily diet, discover if key essential nutrients are missing that will increase production of the happy hormones; serotonin, dopamine and endorphins all of which play a key role in regulating your mood, energy levels, sleep patterns and appetite.

The workshop also looks at how alternative therapy treatments such as meditation, breathing exercises, massage and acupressure can also help to improve emotional wellbeing.  

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