SugarFit Schools

We provide SF nutritional talks and workshops for secondary children ( including dental care and Fitness levels)
 and After School Health Hubs for younger children, where they increase their knowledge and understanding of healthy
eating and daily exercise by engaging in fun related Nutrition based activities.

After School Health Hubs for kids

We provide a small professional expert team consisting of a nutritionist, personal trainer and dental nurse who deliver 1 hour fun packed engaging workshops to both primary and secondary children.

Our workshops inspire children to take a close look at what they are eating, its impact on their future health, and what action they can take to ensure they live the healthiest lifestyle they can.

Our workshops provide extra support to the school in helping to embed the Change 4 Life message that reduces the risk of developing lifestyle related diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes and Obesity.

SugarFIT Workshops are bespoke and can be tailored to match the needs of the school and the learning ability of the class. 

For more information on Workshops topics , costs, or to book a workshop click on the Contact us button.

SugarFit After School Health Hub: Benefits

Benefit to schools:  
SugarFIT  After School Health Hubs help embed the Government Campaign: Change 4 Life and the fight against Obesity and Type 2 Diabetes. 
SugarFIT workshops can be evidenced for Ofsted. They can be seen as a support to schools in their  action to help promote the health and wellbeing of its pupils 

Benefit to parents: 
By signing children up to  SugarFIT After School Health Hubs parents are investing in their children future health. The Hubs provide an opportunity for children to understand why certain food groups are essential to their well being and should be eaten regularly. Trying different fruits and vegetables in the Hub may also help solve meal time struggles at home ingetting children to eat a variety of vegetables! 

Benefit to children:
Children benefit by getting the opportunity to prepare make and taste a variety of nutritious foods. They get the opportunity to really focus on healthy eating through interactive discussion and fun activities, they also get to practice basic culinary skills such as chopping and peeling, planning menus and tasting healthy snacks / meals.     

What happens in the Hub workshop?

Workshop starts with a quick whole group discussion on a specific topic, children are then introduced to the fun activity. After demonstration children can work in pairs or on their own – supervised at all times. At the end of the activity the children have an opportunity to share with the group what they have learned and taste the foods they have made.  Hub finishes on a high note with a quick fun game.  

NB: All sessions can be tailored to the learning ability of the age group  

Examples of workshops

  • Identifying Foods- Blindfolded 
  • Smoothies & Juices
  • Bush Tucker Trials – tasting a variety of fruit and veg 
  • Breakfast on the go 
  • 3 – way Salads 
  • Healthy Snacks 
  • Chocolate Tea Party (with a difference)   
  • Understanding different food groups – 
  • Understanding the role and dangers of Salt/ Fats/ Sugars  
  • Sugar – natural / refined
  • Tooth Decay – how to prevent it 
  • Importance of exercise 
  • Portion control 
  • Healthy snacking in between meals  
  • Importance of daily exercise

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